About the Guild

Bloodbound is a casual raiding guild located on the Silver Hand server of World of Warcraft. Founded on December 9th, 2004, soon after the game's public release, we have been members of the server’s Horde community for many years.

When it comes to raiding, Bloodbound specializes in running 10 mans. We regularly coordinate groups for end-game content and most of our members have the opportunity to see the hardest bosses that WoW has to offer.

In addition to raiding, Bloodbound holds a variety of guild events every month. These range from Old School Raid Nights to games of Hide and Seek which reward gold. We also hold seasonal events like Halloween costume contests and Secret Santa in-game festivities.

Bloodbound is a group of friends who are like family and love playing together. If this interests you, we are always happy to consider new members and any talented player who asks to join. Gear and experience is not important as long as you know how to play your class and have a willingness to learn.

To get involved, sign up for an account on our forums and fill out the application.