Bloodbound Movies

Kael'thas (last kill)

Video of our last kill of Kael'thas. Our kills usually have one or two things go disasterously wrong, on any given night, and this video is no exception. The only difference being that, usually, Elyana isn't the one screwing up. No, really. REALLY. But at least this gives an idea of how the fight works and how to recover from screwups.

High Resolution Quicktime file

Amani Warbear (2nd kill)

Video of our second successful warbear run through ZA. Since the run is actually quite long (just under an hour in length), the video is between 2 and 3x speed and runs about 20 minutes total. Forgive the file size. Rogue perspective is from Vorlaith on a later run. Priest perspective is from Elyana on 2nd run.

High Resolution Quicktime file

Archimonde Kill

Video of End Game's last run through Mt. Hyjal to kill our good friend, Archimonde. Once again, plenty of stuff going wrong in this video, with doomfires, cratering, and even a dip in the world pool. Actual fight starts around 1 minute in, if you don't like cool emo intros.

High Resolution Quicktime file